Gaida.Berlin – Enlightenment

“Enlightenment” is a collaborative body painting, dance poetry performance, revealing the struggles and emotional pain dealing with addiction and the liberation this transformation invites when overthrown. Performed for Berlin’s underground graffiti exhibition “Wandalisum”. With painters and performers Maria Balanovskaya, Joelle Meissner, Caue Reinbach and Sarah Nevada Grether

Photography by Giada.Berlin

Forests of angels flooding the space
Waking on feathers
In hopes to erase
Rapture can speak on your pretty face
But change only comes when we wait without hate

Surfacing dark space that I wish to leave behind
I’m confronted by your passion, as it’s merely a mirror of mine.
I am not afraid to share, but I am afraid of your arrogance
You might think you know everything about me, but that only makes it possible for me to think the same about you.
In that world underwater, we are brave Heroes.
We are dedicated soldiers
On a mission to move beauty into the moment.
We are not alone.
When we think that, we fail to embrace the truth.
In every particle there is a world which we mutually possess.
When we connect the particles, we illuminate our bodies and mind in time and space.
We own and share our lives.
We become masters.
There we can be everywhere and anything we dream.
Those who cannot see it are surly lacking the connection
Bestowed upon us through trust and love.

I am confident we will win
I am confident, I am born to inspire through expression.
I trust you. Do you trust me?