Christopher Peetz – Chez Moi

“Chez Moi” explores the vulnerability of a woman behind closed doors. The aim for this collaboration with photographer and filmmaker Christopher Peetz was to deliver an authentic portrait of the isolation and liberation a woman expresses while dressing up and then stripping down to her raw body alone in her apartment. The photos are accompanied by a poem by Sarah Nevada, revealing an intimate portrait of herself.  

Through the deepest desert
I lost my balance
Took a sip of water and washed away the pressure
Turned around and saw myself get swallowed by the distance
I decided to stay
To stand in front of it
Where we moved in slow motion

Do we understand what standing means
Do we understand what standing means
Do we understand what standing means
When we can’t stand to stand

I could feel my soul surrender
It was beyond pleasure
It was not even illusion
Everything around me could have been a dream
But inside my eyes I saw reality
It scared me a little to feel so much
To feel love
It was like it used to be 10,000 years ago
As I tasted you in Tokyo
And found my home
We were humble Nomads
And I realized, we have never been apart