Classically trained, Sarah Nevada Grether is an American/German actress, dancer, and choreographer.

She recently played the lead role in the German cinema feature, „Grand Jeté“ from award-winning film director Isabelle Stever, which premiered at Berlin’s prestigious international film festival, the 72nd “Berlinale”, has shown in cinemas worldwide, and is currently streaming online in the German public television channel ARD until June 8th. https://www.daserste.de/unterhaltung/film/filme-im-ersten/sendung/grand-jete-100.html

She grew up with her many siblings on a farm outside Los Angeles, CA beneath the strawberry fields, where her German-born grandmother discovered her talent for dancing and acting. Sarah trained at schools such as the “School of American Ballet” in New York City,  „Pacific Northwest Ballet School” in Seattle, Washington and many others. At the age of 16, she moved to Hamburg, Germany, to continue her professional ballet training at the John Neumeier Ballet School. 

From 2001-2006 she was engaged as a solo/group dancer at the Stuttgart Ballet, where she baffled audiences with dozens of major roles such as “Stella” in John Neumeier’s “ “A Streetcar Named Desire” and worked with world renowned directors such as Wayne McGregor, Hans von Mannen and Christian Spuck,  

Sarah Nevada’s passion and talent in acting and music led her to move to Berlin in 2008 to become a freelance artist and venture into her own artistic endeavors. She landed the lead role of Lilly in the feature film, “The Lost” by film director Reynold Reynolds and continued further to work alongside prestigious dance, theater and film directors such as Isabelle Stever, Marco Carniti, Patrick King, Michel Comte, Reynold Reynolds, Constanza Macras, Rolando Villazón, Claus Guth and more. She played out her comical skills in Marlene Melchior’s web series “Bigheads” as the lead character, Debbie Adams. In 2020, she danced and acted in celebrated multimedia artist Jeremy Shaw’s work,“Phase Shifting Index,” which premiered in the world-famous “Centre Pompidou”, in Paris. 

Sarah Nevada is the founder of “wake-shops”, a curriculum combining dance, yoga and physical theater. She is also a founding artist and co-creator of the immersive lifestyle theater company, “Salon K Experience”, founded in 2010 in Berlin by Patrick King and Johan Silverhult. She has ongoing collaborations with world renowned art and fashion photographers Dieter Blum, Hami Roshan and Brieuc Le Meur, amongst others. 

Furthermore, she has choreographed and directed her own dance and interactive theater work in multiple venues worldwide, as well as curated performance acts for festivals, music videos and solo stage performances. She currently lives and works between Berlin, Los Angeles and New York.