Grand Jeté review by Wendy Ide

“Former dancer Grether, an American based in Berlin, is impressively committed to the kind of role that Isabelle Huppert might have taken on in the past – there are thematic parallels with Christophe Honoré’s Huppert-starring incest melodrama Ma Mere, although tonally this is a more slippery and ambiguous undertaking. Grether’s ballet training and her dancer’s physicality is a key asset; her body works in tandem with a camera which hones in on the muscles of her neck and shoulders, as insistent and piercing as an acupuncture needle.”

Goethe Institute review of Grand Jeté by Jutta Brendemuhl

“The two lead actors are pitch-perfect in their taciturn, relentless and borderless radicality, from the close-ups of cracking back and bloody feet to the pressure-cooker of artistic ambition to out-of-control desire.”…

An interview with Nau Nua about artist Sarah Nevada Grether’s life and career as a dancer and actress.

“If I could share one thing it would be that I am not really a “dancer”, I am a human. I cannot identify well with titles and the deeper I look into humanity, the more I wish to unveil the masks people hide behind their titles so that the life around us would be more at peace. Most of the people seem to be stuck behind a huge identity crisis leading them so far away from the generosity life already generates in every moment. I am truly interested in seeing a shift in perspective and allowing connection to become a bigger part of this human experience.”

An uplifting article in German about Sarah Nevada Grether’s viral video dancing in the lonely streets of lockdown Berlin. 

“ Auf Instagram reagieren die User noch emotionaler: “Ich habe es dreimal angesehen, und es macht mich so glücklich. Behalte deine Tanzfreude. Du bringst eine Menge Menschen zum Lächeln”, schreibt einer. “Sarah, ich habe das heute Morgen gesehen, und es brachte mich zum Weinen. Danke dir dafür”, schwärmte ein anderer.

… Keine Frage: Von der gut gelaunten Tänzerin werden wir noch einiges hören und sehen.”