In limbo, as dreams overtake the dark hours, she wanders. Where is she going and where did she come from? An encounter with herself is a chance to break free from illusion. Up and down she goes, standing alone circling around, in fear of losing herself in this reality with no safety net behind closed doors.  

Performance, concept and choreography: Sarah Nevada Grether 
Music: Tilman Kanitz (titled “Home”) 

Rage on the fronts of an old idea
Thousands of folks will lose
Actions speak loudly when forced to listen
Darkness creeps up from the clouds
An angry woman bent on perfection
As an ignored man makes mistakes
A perfect connection for the full
Moon tonight
Get some rest cause you’re in for destruction

Do we understand what standing means
Do we understand what standing means
Do we understand what standing means
When we can’t stand to stand

A perfect impossibility
A Heroine addiction
Morning coffee
A kiss not received
The greatest distraction
The scariest change
Most beautiful Movement
An Expanding dimension
A voice of seduction
Allowing yourself to breath
Swimming with eyes open
Singing underwater

A painful confrontation
An empty future
A promise not fulfilled
A reason to mistrust
A clear illusion
A weak mind
A dark space