Thom Rever with Salon K

In 2015 Salon K Experience implemented a series of performances unveiling the struggles, confrontation and victories surrounding the topic of “Human identity”. In collaboration with Italian photographer Thom Rever and Choreographer Patrick King, Sarah Nevada expresses her own deeply rooted personal experiences regarding this subject. 

Selected poetry written by Sarah Nevada Grether for Salon K regarding the project “Human Identity”: 

Like dolphins, we swim  
My Dear majesty   
Heroic dreams  
On the beach, we touch sun 
In the water we -one  
another with sound  
Quote my words 
My wishes, my mind  
Afraid to drown  
Afraid to find 
My body  
My freedom 
Oh, Most, beautiful mermaid  
I am held  
I swim with eyes open  
As my tears wash the fear  
My eyes watch it near  
Alongside Heroes  
I can breathe 
and believe 
in our dreams   
“I don’t believe in colors 
I rather trust in feelings 
Love is not a mystery for me 
I don’t have to recognize it with a specific color 
Cause love is what I’m made of 
Sunrise, sundown, stars, a sense of freedom 
Many people think I’m not “able” to understand them 
But is not that 

I can feel everything 
Cause I’ve gained imagination 
Imagination is not fantasy 
Imagination is what you cannot see 
Is what makes people the same 
Is what can transform colors into feelings 
Is not the content 
Is to color 
The only things I cannot see, is what I don’t  wanna see 
-Danjlo Turco