Head Dance with Sky Mics

Pictures by Mathew Colman

PANKE club // Berlin Wedding

“Head Dance with Sky Mics” was created by Sarah Nevada Grether in 2016 as an initiative project to bridge Berlin’s club culture with contemporary dance and theater.

It is an unconventional performative experience of human interaction, confronting identity with humor, dialogue, music, dance, light, and visual art to reveal the stories deeply rooted within us. It’s a crossover theater performance using experimental and mainstream music, performative tasks, and interactive LED lights, whilst mirroring hidden moments of emotional exchange. -An engagement with our own identity and life-states in search for an ideal form of communication. Are first impressions misconceptions? Can we feel in frequency? Maybe, maybe not?

Direction: Sarah Grether
Light design: Luise Graeff
Music design: Kohshi Kamata
Video art: Wieland Hilker (alphamoonbase)
Choreography and Performance with and from:
Maria Novella Tattanelli
Stephan Quinci
Vanessa Cokaric
Lucie Aron
Costume design: Frauke Phoenix In Collaboration with LED Pulse https://www.ledpulse.com/