Dieter Blum – Portraits

“Portraits” is a series of photos composed over many years, collaborating with acclaimed photographer Dieter Blum. Many women experience a fear of portraying what the world expects from a woman, creating pressure and perfectionism. This, however, strongly inhibits the ability to express natural beauty. For Sarah Nevada, this work was an opportunity to learn to free herself in front of the camera and cultivate trust in her authenticity as an artist.

Above the shadows of distrust
Departing through gray
No need to linger
Her eyes in the sun
Tears in the moon
Woven together in harmony’s net
An eagle’s tendon perches on stones
High above, outside the madness
She sings the perfect pitch of mother’s sound
And dances round her child’s breath

Within and out of you

Hand me her coat
Live in her color

Do trust this ride
She’s alright
Love her mistakes
Embrace all the worries
Try to erase
What they pushed onto you
Chasing her tail
Too much was shared
See what was true
Fly back and through
She’s still your dream
Don’t run
Just seek

Chase for the choice to live
Grace for the chance to trust
To feel a new abandonment
Which kills meaningless lust
Sleeps all obsession
Caught in the trap of attachment
Drowned in the waves by the source
Death freed from remorse