Brieuc Le Meur – Daughter of The Air

Here we discover a woman, disguised as a human being, embodying something else in order to transform earthly beings into a higher life-state. The series reveals the mystical being in her essence, strength, and vulnerability as she morphs into a mythological creature: the goddess Artemis.  As she transforms into this iconic reality, we see how the nature of her movement and expression embodies the same structure of the elements and vegetation surrounding her: the water enabling a sense of nurture and surrender; the land enabling her to express power, position and relevance on this planet.

“Among the rural populace, Artemis was the favorite goddess. Her character and function varied greatly from place to place, but, apparently, behind all forms lay the goddess of wild nature, who danced, usually accompanied by nymphs, in mountains, forests, and marshes.“

We enter into a void that absorbs us
we are no longer patient to grow
we think it is important to feel good all the time
True animality captures us and we wonder inside the matrix
inside there exist judgment -where we recognize good from evil
and though there is a difference, we are stuck thinking about, confusing ourselves inside it
we can’t differentiate the two with distance
we lack mindfulness
we know, however, this is what makes us hungry

what feeds our passion
what makes us imagine making love with each other
what unleashes our insecurity
what makes us destroy ourselves and others
what makes us want to fit in
what causes us to feel attraction
what forms our abilities to express
what writes our stories
what makes us feel accepted
what generates war
what generates peace
what creates life
what kills
what makes you ask which side you’re on
what makes you think you’re allowed to judge

which feeds the fire
which is the fire
which makes us mad inside the madness which we can’t understand
what keeps us going
what makes the circle
what expands the circle
that runs in fast-forward and rewind
which gives us chances
what changes habit
what feeds the habits

I will touch you
I will breathe close to your face, and you will smell my skin
I will smell yours
It will allow me to find out what it can mean to trust your smell
I will know you better
I will hear you better
Your breath will become an emotional song in my ears

But I will not be sure to like you better
Your hands may seem soft and weak
Or dry and hard
But however, they are- I will know
Maybe they will never meet me in the middle, and we will never agree
But you will see deeper through me than you ever could before
You will feel the sound of my frequency vibrate on your body
That is when you will know that you can always trust me
I know that because you will be my mirror, and you will feel yourself.
You will see that what you know of me is only what you know of you
That is all
Nothing more
Nothing less
When sound speaks, it becomes the voice between
A voice that wakes.