Brieuc Le Meur – A Berlin Society

“A Berlin Society” is a venture initiated by Sarah Nevada and photographer, writer and filmmaker Brieuc Le Meur, celebrating an inevitable community of influential expats and artists exemplifying Berlin’s multifaceted nature together in their passion and love for the arts.

Brieuc’s thoughts: “Sarah Nevada always finds a way to incorporate people and create harmony. The time we experience together gives space for creativity to expand, as the friendships become deeper and grounded, our conversations offer an opportunity to exchange on a very intense intellectual level, keeping the sensitivity and regards for differences in heritage and identity and executing evenings with meaning, vulnerability, and authenticity. Perhaps because she’s a Californian, or Buddhist, she always seems to steer the reality away from a certain unexpected emptiness due to often overhyped and sometimes superficial Berlin trends. To me, being a French author myself, I would love to ask the L.A. author Bret Easton Ellis what he would think about this particular series.

We are not in a rave.
We are not BDSM.
We are not queers.
We are not Germans.
We are just Berlin. “

If you don’t want to be lost
You have to be here
Forsch dich selbst

What frequency is this we are living
What stress to impress the crowd

Those who are just there and free step forward and smile
You are the faces of today
The faces of the sun
Number – hopscotching through rainbows
When the children sing, they are admiring your hearts
Paving your way towards happiness in your lives
With that miracle called life
One consistent wish
for all of us to watch our minds
How we make it as mankind?
Man in my woman
Woman in this time
Awareness in actions from an eagle’s eye

Born between water and air
Lightning Bolts through darkness
Heard the first beat scream
Why didn’t you ever get to know me
and surf above the waves?
Take this ego to its grave
Only there she can behave

When are you ready to see me?
A father, a lover, a brother In case,
a monster or just another face

There are lots of places to go
Lots of people to know
Lots of places to hide
That distant dream inside
Alive, we ride the tide spied eyed pride

No fear must chain or pain my mind

The bagpipes are playing,
The room is so empty
She’s ready to show you herself alone
Heated expression fogging the windows
Here comes the artist on the golden throne…

The thoughts in the heads of crickets that sing in the dark
Are often the spark that’s so far from your heart
But what can be read by the winners won’t keep you too long
When someone else wins, a sad risk to be wrong.

The flies around struggle to separate art from the part
It’s a game to play,
never fear that the end’s at the start.
And even in days flying far off the edge
Keep strong on the tight rope
And trust in someone
Our friends will brace us
When back at square one