Roberta Stein – Divine Intention

Sarah Nevada shares her poetic reflection on a hypothetical woman who may have experienced this reality:

Wild is the world where I’ve landed
Fallen off the clouds again
Fear follows the other edge of the mouth that kissed you
After water washed down the great escape
In boredom yes the beauty
In boredom heals the sin

I was just wishing for a kiss
Nothing more.
Wild is the world where I have landed

I must have overdosed on honey in my past
Didn’t mean to turn my back
Turn around, I’m scared like that
To call
To heal
Those lovers knots
It’s more for me than time
Surrender is to live
Surrender is mindfulness
Stamping out the fire on earth
Don’t wash away with the water

Chase the river
Drink the sun
And run
Repeat, again, what we’ve begun
It’s just the possibility
that makes us perfect
It’s a start to wake the suffering
Clouds will hover to share a tear for dignity
Stay away if u need
Just keep raining those poisonous seeds
I am determined to gallop though the cactus

Suspended upon flesh and bones
Roaming infinite existence
I feel the fierce blood rivers flow
Home to my faithful skin
I am Human
My Touch manifests my sex
Freedom flies
From deep inside
Leave it up to me
Where it all subsides
Bound to mirrors
Again, returning tide
The crime of pride

Ascending towards emptiness
I dance my liberation
Floating through the mystic spells
High above the breath
Darkness stands in my way
So I let the light kiss my face
I love with grace
I am a faithful samurai
But sister Frida died
What was ms. Carlo looking for?
Must have been a new door
I am coming back free
Determined to gallop though the cactus
Die and leave