Hami Roshan – 100 Years Bauhaus

This series of photos was shot in 2018 for the 100-year anniversary of Bauhaus. It took place in Dessau, Germany in collaboration with photographer Hami Roshan, directors Sylvia Bossenz and Carsten Behm and young fashion designers from the Hanover University of Arts and Design. 

“For fashion designers, it is important not only to create collections, but also so-called “signature pieces” in which they get to the heart of their basic design concept – something like the trademark of a design concept. With this project, the students dealt with dance figures and costume concepts of the historical Bauhaus stage, using the associated “body-mechanical” dance concept themselves. In the performance Signatures, they therefore show their “signature pieces” not in the form of a fashion show, but as a costume ballet in which costumes are not presented by models, but demonstrated though dance.”