Feminine Farmland

A solo performance by Sarah Nevada Grether, filmed at her childhood residence on fertile farmlands of southern California.

Choreography and Dance: Sarah Nevada Grether
Camera: Mitchell Deguzman and Alex Rieger
Music: Steintiger

Being fearless
Lost in one’s image
In front of a camera
On a cold night
Looking for rainbows
We reach for the answers
Some hope in our pockets
To put up a fight
Your joys and your sorrows
Could be pure perfection

Just put up with the rain
It won’t cheapen your insides
What is love?
What is love?
Says the nicest wondering Dame that ever lived
You’ll always be someone
You’ll always be different
You’ll always be big

There are times when we all need to go home to feel our roots. Everyone falls. No exceptions. I believe to get back up and look within is where our world needs to go in order to transform obstacles into opportunity. We are all setting causes which can either feed abundance to earth or drown “her” from the very juice we need to keep “her” alive. Your choice. Perhaps you don’t want to understand. That is also a choice.