Dieter Blum – Horses

With world-renowned photographer Dieter Blum, Sarah Nevada Grether conveys the bold endurance and strength between dancer and horse; woman and nature; male and female. This collaboration started in 2001 for Dieter’s book “Pure Dance” and was shot in Germany’s vibrant Black Forest on a freezing cold winter day with former dance partner Ivan Gil Ortega.  

In 2007, on a lush summer day, a new collaboration on horseback took place. This meaningful work was a breaking point for Sarah Nevada’s personal and professional life. At this time, she initiated her winning battle to overcome a 7-year eating disorder, freed herself from obstacles and her engagement in Stuttgart Ballet and moved to Berlin to pursue a life as a multifaceted artist. Working with Dieter Blum was a major steppingstone for her personal acceptance of her body, conviction and victory to value her talents and life. It also marked the beginning of her journey to venture out and establish a career as a freelance dancer, choreographer, and actress. 

Sarah Nevada and Dieter Blum are currently creating a photobook based on their collaboration over the last 20 years. The project aims to reveal the sincere, noble, and honorable relationship between photographer and muse and integrates personal writings from Sarah such as the poem below.

I am told Shanghai
I am a woman
I am bold and fearless
Tell me where I can stand next to you in the middle, naked and rich
Where I can speak with you about the light and darkness I felt on my back
Where only the purest of love remains

I am exposed
Somewhat over, I suppose
I tasted you in Tokyo
While I was dancing pirouettes
following the water
sinking deeply
I washed away my doubt
I cleaned my mouth
I watched a strong body
Skin of armor
Made of steel
A real big deal
Peeled away the layers
and revealed my treasure
Painting over pleasure
Riding brave into passion
give this girl a lesson
Saw that romance turns out hollow
By chasing my own tail
Blow me out
Or watch me melt
Try to stand straight on sand
Or balance on thread in wind
Take me far from this labyrinth
This damaged maze
Take me away from this stagnant stage
That invades in rage
That tricks my most beautiful space
day, after day, after day

The coming out
The birth of confidence
The voyage to stand your position