Bigheads is a web series about young artists in Berlin, written and directed by Marlene Melchoir and Alex Forge. Sarah Nevada Grether plays the comical leading role of contemporary dancer Debbie Addams in episodes 2 and 3.

“Nazism, Communism, The Berlin Wall all made the rents in Berlin really, really cheap—allowing people to do whatever the fuck they want. Now Europe’s hippest alternative capital is plagued by lost young artists. As the world falls into economic despair, housing markets plummet, unemployment rises, the only option it seems is to move to Berlin and create semi-thought-out artwork. And one girl, Anjuna Pashnani, is here to blog it all. The only problem is Anjuna regularly forgets to write her blog, distracted as she is by a series of chronic hangovers, embarrassing heartbreaks and small psychoses brought on by an imagined ‘quarter-life crisis’. Nevertheless, Anjuna journeys through Berlin’s many art scenes, blundering among the abounding paradoxes and formidable egos of wanna-be artists in their 20s.”

Episode 1

The Quarter Life Crisis
(watch this to understand the following 2 episodes, where Sarah Nevada takes on the role of contemporary dancer Debbie Addams)

Episode 2

The Contemporary Dancers
(featuring Sarah Nevada Grether)

Episode 3

The Audition
(featuring Sarah Nevada Grether)